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“We are stewards by God's grace.”

The Christian truth and concept involved in the word stewardship has such far-reaching implications and such depths to it that it needs the careful study and attention of each generation of Christian people. We ought not to assume that we can simply take the word from our Fathers, without living fully into its meaning and its lessons for us. It is particularly important that those who are called to the task of teaching in the Christian Church shall have good foundation at this point. There is a need of biblical study and theological examination of the word and of the idea of stewardship.

Raymond Olson, Stewards Appointed: Ten Studies in Christian Stewardship based on Luther's Small Catechism, page 10-11. 

Wayne Knolhoff photoWayne Knolhoff, Director of the Center for Stewardship at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.